Dear Fellow Citizen
A peace officer who is injured or killed often has dependents who have lived in fear of such a day for years. When that fear becomes a shocking reality, wouldn't you want to be there to help?

As a member of The Fifty Club of Galveston County, you will be helping in a positive and often desperately needed way.

The Fifty Club of Galveston County was created for the dependents of officers in Galveston County. When an officer is injured or killed in the line of duty, the Fifty Club of Galveston County is there with immediate financial support.

We are presently accepting applications for tax deductible memberships. The type of membership you choose determines the number of vehicle decals, membership cards and annual awards luncheon tickets you receive.

For your convenience, we now offer online membership applications and renewals.

Click here to become a member or renew.

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Peace officers of Galveston County have sworn to protect your life and property. It is a career chosen by a rare few who share this uncommon dedication for the w elfare of their community.

Would you:

  • Face a knife or gun to keep someone from stealing your neighbor's TV set?

  • Pull over and approach the driver of a stolen car?

  • Wear the badge that is a target for those who disregard the law?

Would you do all this AND MORE, whenever asked, 24 hours a day, and expect your family to live on less income than you probably now provide? Most folks would not. But peace officers do, and their lives are ON THE LINE for you every day.